Cannes Movie Poster Disgustingly Depicts Trump and Melania

Cannes Movie Poster Disgustingly Depicts Trump and Melania
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**WARNING: Disturbing Content**

Cannes Film Festival in France is one of the biggest in the world attended by massive amounts of movie stars. This year there was a movie poster that depicted Melania Trump holding the severed head of what looks like the president wearing a MAGA hat.

According to The Daily Wire:

Remember Kathy Griffin posing with a bloodied severed head of President Trump? Now there's this: a recent movie poster at the Cannes Film Festival that features a Melania Trump lookalike holding an equally repulsive severed head in a MAGA hat.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the repulsive poster advertises a movie called "When Women Rule the World" that is currently "circulating at the Cannes Market and in trade publications." It shows a Melania Trump lookalike (a character named Maria Putin) holding the decapitated head of President Trump wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat alongside a decaying zombie head that looks similar to the actor from the original "The Hills Have Eyes."

"Meet the First Lady of the Future with her Heads of State," reads the poster's tagline.

The film's writer/director/producer Sheldon Silverstein told THR in an interview that the B-movie poster was meant to be deceiving and that the film will explore important political topics such as #MeToo and TimesUp.

The director of the film went on to share his hatred of the president calling him a "moron".

 Source: American Update

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