Celebrities Go After Ivanka Trump

Celebrities Go After Ivanka Trump
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Celebrities have turned to begging first daughter Ivanka Trump to help them get their way.

Breitbart reports:

A slew of Hollywood celebrities launched a coordinated Instagram attack on Ivanka Trump over the so-called “child separation” immigration policy.

Celebrities such as model Alexa Chung, filmmaker Paola Mendoza, and comedienne Amy Schumer have banded together to sponsor a “Dear Ivanka” letter urging the President’s daughter and White House adviser to end the “abuses” of children who have been separated from the illegal alien adults detained after trying to sneak into the country.

Filmmaker Mendoza, who co-founded the social media meme, insisted that Ivanka Trump take action to end the separation policy or “her words are as false as her father’s.”

“The separation of families is a tragedy that Ivanka participated in, and we will not stop shining the light of truth on her no matter how much she wants to hide from it,” Mendoza told Bustle.

 Source: American Update

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