Celebrity Judge Accused Of Spitting On Valet Driver

Celebrity Judge Accused Of Spitting On Valet Driver
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Celebrity judge Greg Mathis is in hot water after being accused of spitting on a valet driver outside a restaurant in Detroit. As Fox News reports:

Celebrity judge Greg Mathis may be in hot water after he allegedly spat on a valet driver outside a Detroit restaurant during a heated exchange over where the driver had gone for so long with his keys.

Mathis, 59, parked his Rolls-Royce Friday evening at Flood’s Bar and Grille, a soul food restaurant in Detroit, Mich. Things apparently turned volatile, however, when the valet, while retrieving another vehicle, kept Mathis’ car keys in his pocket and kept the judge waiting around in the process, according to TMZ. 

When the valet returned with Mathis’ keys, and explained the mishap and apologized for unknowingly taking the keys, Mathis allegedly became enraged and launched into a profanity-laced outburst, spat on the driver and left the restaurant, according to the report.

While the Detroit police confirmed to the Detroit News that the alleged incident occurred around 8 p.m., they declined to identify a suspect in the matter.

The incident is only alleged at this time, but given the Judge's demeanor, would anyone really be shocked if it turned out to be true?
 Source: American Update

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