Charlize Theron Hospitalized for Laughing too Hard?

Actress Charlize Theron claims that she was hospitalized after laughing too hard while watching the movie "Borat."

According to Fox News:

Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron revealed she was hospitalized for a few days after watching “Borat.”

Theron, 43, told the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host that she was hospitalized for five days after watching the comedy film “Borat” because she had “laughed so hard.”

“I went to go see ‘Borat.’ I had a preexisting injury in my neck. I’m a mess!” she exclaimed.

“I had a herniated disk in my neck and a few of us went to see ‘Borat,’” the “Long Shot” star said. “Halfway through the movie I laughed so hard that my neck locked up and an ambulance had to take me to the hospital.”

The actress said that her stay at the hospital for the injuries sustained was 5 days.

 Source: American Update

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