Chelsea Handler Doc On 'White Privilege' Slammed By Critics

Chelsea Handler Doc On 'White Privilege' Slammed By Critics
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Ultra-Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler 's new Netflix documentary has gotten absolutely panned by film critics. As Breitbart reports:

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix documentary on white privilege – Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea – has been panned by critics, who say it amounts to a “misguided reckoning” and note that she is actively “exploiting her wokeness” and “profiting off a film about her white privilege.”

Handler’s Netflix special, which dropped last week, centers around the left-wing comedienne’s exploration of “white privilege” in an attempt to “be a better white person to people of color, without making it a thing.”...

However, the documentary has not been well received, with critics pointing out that she is, in fact, benefiting from white privilege by participating in a “white privilege” documentary and ultimately making money from the project.

“Unfortunately for Handler, she’s at times the worst part about the film. Most of her commentary or jokes during interviews came off either jarring or cringy,” a review from the Daily Dot reads...

Is it any surprise that a far-left comedian like Handler would end up making a film so bad absolutely no one will want to watch it?
 Source: American Update

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