Cher Demands Nancy Pelosi Become President

Cher Demands Nancy Pelosi Become President
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Left-Wing pop star Cher took to Twitter on Monday to attack President Trump and to also call for Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to somehow become President. As Breitbart reports:

Left-wing pop icon Cher lobbed slurs at President Donald Trump on Monday and declared her desire to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president.

“U.S. discussing proposal to leave troops around Syria’s oil fields,” read the Washington Post headline that Cher tweeted, to which she responded: ” CANT PROTECT PPL, BUT WE CAN PROTECT OIL.”

“Trump MAKES MERCENARIES OUT OF BRAVE  SOLDIERS FOR OIL. Trumps a whore.Nancy Could Kick His Mammoth ass & Should Be PRES,” the septuagenarian singer said.


...For Cher, it was exactly one week ago that she accused the president and GOP lawmakers of being accessories to Trump’s “genocide.”

The rapidly aging star criticism of President Trump have been unrelenting and consistently unhinged.
 Source: American Update

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