Cher Demands Women 'Kick Trump's Ass' After He Allegedly 'Misgenders' Hero Dog

Cher Demands Women 'Kick Trump's Ass' After He Allegedly 'Misgenders' Hero Dog
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Pop icon Cher urged women women to 'kick Trump's ass' out of office for supposedly 'misgendering' Conan the hero dog who helped hunt down the leader of ISIS.

The singer's bizarre rant occured admist general confusion over what the sex of the dog actually was.

As Breitbart reports:

The singer’s angry tweet comes amid ongoing confusion about Conan’s sex. On Monday, the White House said the dog, who was welcomed into the Oval Office by President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, was a male, then female, and then a male, once more. The special forces dog was presented with a certificate at an Oval Office ceremony this week.
President Trump, Vice Presiden Pence, and first lady Melania Trump appeared in the Rose Garden with Conan to laud the dog for his efforts during the deadly raid.

“Conan is a tough cookie,” the president told reporters. “Nobody’s going to mess with Conan.”

“We were able to complete the raid without any American casualty,” Pence added. “And so I think having the Special Forces here today, who obviously can’t come out in the public, but also having this extraordinary dog here today is all a reflection of our armed forces and the great job that they do.”

 Source: American Update

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