Cher Takes Back Trump Insult, Says She Went 'Too Far'

Cher Takes Back Trump Insult, Says She Went 'Too Far'
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Pop icon Cher has said she went “too far” after  launching a politically charged Twitter rant, in which she called President Donald Trump a “cancer ravaging our nation.”

The 71-year-old took to Twitter on Sunday and admitted that she has a “responsibility” when expressing her thoughts in the public space.

“I Say What I feel,But There’s a Responsibility That Goes With That.I Walk Knifes Edge,But Sometimes It’s Too far.This Is Not An Apology….Its a Reprimand,” she wrote. “Just Because I CAN SAY ANYTHING…Doesn’t Mean I SHOULD. Sometimes I Learn The Hard Way,Over & Over. Humans are Fallible.”

Cher’s admission came hours after she had described President Trump as a “cancer ravaging our nation” and a “malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution” who would restrict the press and imprison hostile reporters if he had the chance.
 Source: Breitbart

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