Chris Pratt Refused to Audition for Iconic Movie

Chris Pratt Refused to Audition for Iconic Movie
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Conservative actor Chris Pratt refused to audition for an iconic movie before finally accepting the role.

According to Fox News:

Sarah Finn, the casting director behind 22 Marvel movies, revealed the shocking news while attending the "Avengers: Endgame" premiere in Los Angeles on Monday.

"[Director] James Gunn has been very generous about this in saying that I, to the point of annoying him, kept insisting that Chris Pratt was the guy for the part,” Finn explained to Variety before admitting that “Chris didn’t want to play the part and refused to audition.”

“I finally got him to audition and James Gunn said he didn’t want to see him, and that was really a challenge," she continued.


"It was honestly one of those eureka moments that we talk about in casting when it absolutely feels right and you know it’s right. James turned to me within 10 seconds and said, ‘He’s the guy,'" she recalled.

The casting director went on to state that Pratt was the perfect person for the role and is glad he accepted.

 Source: American Update

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