Christian Comedian John Crist Admits To 'Sinful' Behavior After Multiple Women Accuse Him Of Sexual Harrassment

Christian Comedian John Crist Admits To 'Sinful' Behavior After Multiple Women Accuse Him Of Sexual Harrassment
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Christian comedian John Crist has admitted to 'destructive and sinful' behavior and was forced to cancel his upcoming comedy tour after multiple young women came forward to accuse him of sending unwanted lewd messages and sexually harrassing and attempting to manipulate them into having sex with him. As Fox News reports:

After months of gathering information from multiple accusers over the last seven years and keeping the names of the victims anonymous, the Christian publication released a detailed report Wednesday with accounts of the "clean comedian" allegedly manipulating women and attempting to leverage his fame, "initiating sexual relationships with married women and women in committed relationships" and "offering show tickets in exchange for sexual favors."...


Crist agreed to do a senior project with one woman, and after admitting to the girl, who idolized Crist, and her boyfriend that he was a "sex addict," he allegedly asked for her number, added her on Snapchat, invited her over and got her "on the verge of blackout drunk" before attempting to sleep with her...

She said she escaped in an Uber and told her boyfriend about what happened the next morning, adding that Crist later messaged her that the previous night was "the best night of [my] life" and that he couldn't stop thinking of what he wanted to do to her...

"The church should not be looking the other way when a Christian leader is preying on women," J. Lee Grady, director of The Mordecai Project—a ministry that confronts the abuse of women globally, told Charisma. "When Jesus talked about wolves in sheep's clothing, I'm sure He included sexual predators in that metaphor. This guy may be a comedian, but sexual harassment isn't funny. This behavior needs to be challenged, and the victims need counseling and support."

Crist had just landed a Netflix special, which is about to be released. It's unclear how or if it's launch will be effected by the release of these salacious and damaging revelations.
 Source: American Update

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