CNN Has Big News About Trump's Approval Rating

CNN Has Big News About Trump's Approval Rating
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A new CNN poll conducted by market research firm SSRS shows President Trump has hit the highest polling numbers he’s seen since his 100 day mark. At 42 percent approval, one analyst says, “he’s *this* close to Obama’s and Reagan’s” numbers at the same point in their presidencies.

Trump’s numbers are up 7 points since last month overall, and his highest marks are for how he’s handled economic issues with a 48 percent approval. The survey was conducted during the span of March 22-25.

After rumors of affairs, high turnover in his cabinet, and the recent passing of a controversial spending bill, the poll comes off the heels of a tumultuous time for the president. While he saw a boost in some areas, voters differentiated on the issues.

Over half of voters polled disapprove of Trump’s performance on the issues of gun policy.
 Source: The Blaze

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