CNN Loses Viewers Over Impeachment Obsession

CNN Loses Viewers Over Impeachment Obsession
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CNN's ratings have taken a steep dive compared to last year, with the liberal outlet's obsession with impeachment potentially being a prime cause. As Breitbart reports:

CNN’s partisan crusade to impeach President Trump appears to be costing the far-left outlet viewers, compared to October of last year.

MSNBC and Fox News have remained fairly steady in the ratings, which shows Americans are just not that into this whole impeachment hoax...

But another reason the media are so closely colluding with Democrats to overturn the 2016 election, and this especially includes CNN and MSNBC, is ratings.

In the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller debunking their three-year Russia Collusion Hoax, CNN and MSNBC are suffering through humiliating ratings and are desperate for something, anything, to boost viewership numbers. And for a bit, this ridiculous impeachment effort did work as a short-term sugar high. But now that it has become obvious Democrats don’t have the goods to impeach, not only have CNN and MSNBC’s ratings settled back down, in some areas, their ratings are lower than they were last year when they were not screaming about impeachment 24/7.

It seems that while obsessing about impeaching President Trump may have made many of the liberal journalists feel better about themselves it hasn't been very good for their company's bottom line.
 Source: American Update

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