CNN President Jeff Zucker Praises Shepard Smith

CNN President Jeff Zucker Praises Shepard Smith
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CNN president Jeff Zucker  praised former Fox News host Shepard Smith and slammed the conservative network on Thursday while speaking with Brian Stelter.

As Mediaite reports:

Speaking with CNN host Brian Stelter at the network’s day-long CITIZEN forum, Zucker first referred to former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith as a “great journalist” and “immense talent.”

“When he’s available, he is somebody who I think is incredibly talented and I would be very open to talking to him,” Zucker said.

When pressed for his thoughts on what Smith’s departure means for Fox News, the CNN chief said he “was not that surprised.”

“I think it had become untenable for somebody there who was a truth teller,” Zucker said. “And who set out on a regular basis to hold those in power accountable. That is not something that organization does. That is not something that is in full force there. It’s not even in half force.”

Is it really any surprise that the most anti-Trump news network has suddenly found Shepard Smith so appealing?
 Source: American Update

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