Colbert Makes Fun of Trump's Latest Speech

Late night host Stephen Colbert is now mocking Trump's latest speech during the CPAC conference.

According to Fox News:

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert returned from his vacation on Monday night and went after President Trump for the “epically weird” speech he gave at CPAC over the weekend.

Colbert began by telling his audience that the “orange man was feeling blue” at “Conservative Political Action Conference,” or as he called it for short, “D-BAG.”

He mocked the president for “dry-humping old glory” as he walked onto the CPAC stage.

“I believe that is the first time a flag has ever volunteered to be burned,” Colbert quipped.

He did make fun of Obama while he was at it, taking the opportunity to talk about Obama's long pauses.

 Source: American Update

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