Colbert Rips Joe Biden Over His "Close Ties" With Obama

Colbert Rips Joe Biden Over His
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Late-night comedian Steven Colbert laid into a hapless Joe Biden on Wednesday for his habit of constantly referencing his close relationship with former President Barack Obama. The Washington Examiner reports:

Yet, at the same time, Biden cannot shut up about the fact that he used to work with Obama, who polls favorably with American voters. Late-night hosts, many of whom are more than ready to serve Democratic officials, are starting to take notice of the Biden’s efforts to have it both ways...

“We get it. You know Barack Obama,” Colbert said to applause and laughter. “We understand. We concede that. At this point, you should change your slogan to 'Biden 2020: Obama 2012!'"

It would be easy to write this off as just a joke from Colbert. But Colbert does not just do comedy. His show exists so that he, ever the faithful foot soldier, can advance the Democratic Party’s interests. So, if he is making fun of Biden, it is possible the former vice president may actually have a problem regarding how he is being perceived now in the news and entertainment industries, two classic bastions of unquestioning Democratic support.

Moreover, Biden needs to avoid running afoul of the news and entertainment industries. If he is being mocked now by someone as slavishly devoted to supporting Democratic candidates as is Colbert, that could mean Biden may actually have to rely on his own experience and smarts to whip support from Democratic primary voters. Considering he is 76 years old and has not run a winning campaign in more than a decade, this would be no small task, especially as he is battling approximately 25 other Democratic candidates for the party's nomination.

Have Democrat-leaning Comedians finally had enough of Biden's cringe-inducing comments?

 Source: American Update

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