Comedian Artie Lange Claims He Was Kidnapped

Comedian Artie Lange Claims He Was Kidnapped

Comedian Artie Lange is claiming that he was kidnapped over some outstanding gambling debts.

According to Fox News:

Artie Lange, who recently blamed his collapsed nose on years of drug abuse, revealed that an injury he received when he was allegedly kidnapped 11 months ago is also partially responsible.

“I still gamble a lot. That was my worst vice for a long time was gambling because it led to everything else. I’m the kind of guy, it just escalates,” Lange said on a recent episode of the podcast “Are We Still Talking About This?” “I owed a bookie 62 grand, and a kid who worked for a bookie, we’ll call him an African-American, he was collecting, and he thought I was a billionaire because he saw me on TV and he kidnapped me.”


The 51-year-old comedian explained that he was on his way to his truck when he heard someone call his name before getting hit in the nose.

Lange told the 19-year-old, who planned to get $100,000 from him, that he should think about what he was doing since he was friends with the bookie and had known him since he was 12 years old. The warning seemed to work.

He said the kid got scared and eventually left the comedian in his van but the bookie apparently took care of the overly ambitious 19-year-old, according to the comedian.

 Source: American Update

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