Comedian Details Why Trump Foe is a Jerk

Comedian Details Why Trump Foe is a Jerk
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A liberal comedian has published details of an encounter with an anti-Trump politician that paints him as nothing less than a selfish jerk.

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The ordeal actually started in the Alaska Airlines lounge at JFK airport in New York, where Klausner said she heard Kasich talking loudly on his cell phone, bragging about his recent deal to become a contributor with CNN.

Her next encounter with him was on the plane. She said she boarded the flight to San Francisco later than normal and found Kasich sitting in the seat she was assigned in first class.

“Basically there was a pilot sitting in the seat that was originally assigned to John Kasich,” Klausner said on her podcast. “And ... when a pilot flies, and often it’s last-minute as it was in this case, they bump the person in the class that paid the least. And I’m not shading Kasich for getting a deal that was somehow better than mine ... I’m just saying he happened to have been bumped.”

Instead of moving to a downgraded seat where he was assigned, however, Kasich took Klausner’s seat and didn’t move.

The comedian said once she found out Kasich's affiliation she felt the need to tell her story. If it was a Democrat this would have probably been swept under the rug. The comedian also called Republicans fascists in the tirade.

 Source: American Update

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