Comedian's Diatribe Declares Trump a Racist

Comedian's Diatribe Declares Trump a Racist
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President Trump recently said he’s the “least racist” person out there — but Jordan Peele isn’t buying it.

The comedian and “Get Out” director didn’t mince words when asked about the president in an upcoming interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

“You know, the truth is the president is a racist, which is very sad, and I’m disheartened by policies that are xenophobic and sexist, and the — we’re — there — there are many strides backwards every day,” Peele told Tracy Smith of CBS. “What does give me hope is — you know, so [President] Obama said — used to say, you know — ‘progress isn’t always a straight line.’ Which, I — you know, I don’t — who knows how true it is, but I believe it.”

Peele’s comments come a week after a Washington Post report that, during a meeting with GOP lawmakers, Trump complained that immigrants from “s—hole countries” in Africa were less desirable than Norway. Peele added he’s heartened “Get Out” sparked a national conversation on race.
 Source: The Wrap

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