Communist Chinese Media Cite Taylor Swift In Attack On Trump

Communist Chinese Media Cite Taylor Swift In Attack On Trump
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The Chinese propaganda paper "Global Times" has apparently decided to join forces with Ultra-liberal pop-sensation Taylor Swift to attack President Donald Trump. As Breitbart reports:

The Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times cited the words of pop superstar Taylor Swift in an attack on President Donald Trump on Monday after she accused him of “gaslighting” his opponents into questioning their own love for the country.

In a piece titled “Why Are the Chinese Brushing Aside Trump’s Tweets?” opinion writer Mu Lu tries to downplay Beijing’s reported concern at Trump’s warnings against China last week, when he ordered American companies to immediately leave China and move their production back to the United States...

The writer goes on to quote singer Taylor Swift’s suggestion that Trump is “gaslighting” his political opponents and bullying those with different political views.

“The Chinese people are now aware that Trump would say something impulsively on Twitter regardless of a president’s code of conduct...”

Trump has been putting pressure on Beijing to change its unfair trade practices that have negative effects on American workers. The fact that the Communist Chinese are now looking to ally with Left-wing pop stars like Swift in order to push back against the United States speaks volumes. 
 Source: American Update

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