Corey Feldman Urges Abuse Victims To Come Forward

Corey Feldman Urges Abuse Victims To Come Forward
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Actor Corey Feldman, who has previously come forward about his own story of abuse at the hands of the Hollywood elite, is urging other victims to come forward. As Fox News reports:

Corey Feldman is urging fellow abuse victims to sign a letter to help extend California’s statute of limitations to report such abuse.

The actor and former child star has been very vocal in the past about the abuse he claims he endured as a youngster. He’s now a proponent of a reintroduced piece of legislation that seeks to give victims the time they need to come forward and report an alleged assault.

People reports Feldman is an ambassador with Child USA. He’s urging others who may be afraid to come forward to sign a letter that he reportedly intends to send to the California Senate.

“I’m beyond elated that we have moved the needle to the point that this dream can finally become a reality,” Feldman, 48, told the outlet. “I’m so grateful to all the survivors who are working with Child USA and myself to bring closure and justice to so many lives that have been branded and tarnished at the hands of abusers.

Hopefully more abuse victims will feel encouraged enough by Feldman's call to come forward with their own stories.
 Source: American Update

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