Country Legend Charlie Daniels Speaks Out In Support Of Veterans

Country Legend Charlie Daniels Speaks Out In Support Of Veterans
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Country Music legend Charlie Daniels has long been an outspoken American Patriot, recently he opened up about supporting American Veterans. As Fox News reports:

Daniels spoke with Fox News about his love for our nation and why he feels it's paramount to educate people on the challenges and hardships facing many veterans who are fortunate to return home...

The "Charlie Daniels Patriot Award Dinner" earned $200,000 for America's veterans and all of the proceeds from the evening went to Daniels' veterans non-profit. The multi-platinum artist says that although his organization is small, they pack a lot of pride and haven't met a challenge they couldn't tackle...

"You know, you go into service for 20 years, and especially the people who were once in combat, you go into service and come back and you're walking into a different world," he said. "You're walking from a regimented world where everybody gets involved in the same situation into a place where you're dealing with a bunch of civilians who don't know anything at all about what it's like to put on your battle rattle and walk out into where there are IEDs and people shooting at you"...

He pleaded, "The communication somehow between what the needs are actually down here on the street level and what the government does about the people that are supposed to do this, there's a total disconnect variance. You know, there's this great need for this."

Daniels continued to explain that his organization, the 'Journey Home' project, was dedicated to doing whatever it could to help returning veterans.
 Source: American Update

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