Cuba Gooding Jr. Caught On Camera Touching Accuser's Backside

Cuba Gooding Jr. Caught On Camera Touching Accuser's Backside
Screenshot Via Youtube
A new video has been unearthed of embattled actor Cuba Gooding Jr. touching one of his accuser's backsides. As TMZ reports:

Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely made contact with the backside of a TAO nightclub server -- that's clear in this surveillance video, but it could still be key in helping the actor beat the charges.

TMZ's obtained security footage of the alleged butt-touching incident that got Gooding indicted on 2 of the 6 counts he's facing. Natasha Ashworth claims he used his right hand to pinch her right buttock as he was walking past her at TAO in NYC ... around 4:20 AM on Oct. 24, 2018.

Two camera angles back up much of Ashworth's account of what went down. After the initial contact, you can see she's agitated and there's a heated convo. She claims she told Gooding not to touch her butt, and he replied, "Aw, that's no fun, and I didn't, I touched your back."

The video shows Cuba attempting to point out where he claims he touched her. However, as prosecutors said in the indictment ... you see Natasha grab his arm and motion him away.

Gooding is pleading not guilty to the charges but these newly revealed videos don't seem to bode well for his case.
 Source: American Update

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