Cuba Gooding Jr. Hit With New Charge In Groping Case

Cuba Gooding Jr. Hit With New Charge In Groping Case
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Cuba Gooding Jr. was hit with yet another charge connected to his upcoming groping case right before his trial was supposed to begin. As Fox News reports:

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s trial was about to get underway for a second time, but district prosecutors informed the court Thursday morning they have indicted the Hollywood actor with a new charge.

Assistant D.A. Jenna Long said that the charges in this indictment cover the existing incident as well as a new previously uncharged incident.

Gooding is set to be arraigned again on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court. The indictment is under seal and will likely only be revealed at the arraignment...

Gooding had so far been accused of two counts of forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree after an alleged groping incident at a bar in New York City in June.

As the new indictment is still sealed we don't yet know exactly what the charge consists of, but it certainly can't be good news for Gooding.
 Source: American Update

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