Dating Site Slammed for Banning Photos Containing Guns

Dating Site Slammed for Banning Photos Containing Guns
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Nobody asked Bumble, the dating app used by 23 million people, to enter the gun control debate. And yet, it did — by announcing a new policy to ban all photos that show guns. This isn’t gun control; it’s picture-of-a-gun control.

Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd explained the decision to Time, saying, “This is a matter of safety and a matter of what is taking place in our country right now. … We should not normalize a hobby and allow that to be exposed to millions of people.”

First of all, seeing a photo with a gun in it does not make the viewer any less safe. Second, the hobby is already normalized whether Bumble likes it or not: one out of every four American adults owns a gun.  Wolfe Herd continued. “We want women — and men — to feel comfortable, to feel safe, and feel secure. Weapons don’t send that message." It’s as if she has never heard of a weapon being used for self-defense!

Like so many gun control proposals, this one has good intentions and bad ramifications. (Bumble also put its money where its mouth is by planning to donate $100,000 to the March for Our Lives event.)
 Source: American Update

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