Dennis Rodman Accused of Robbery

Dennis Rodman Accused of Robbery
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Reports are indicating that pro-North Korea former basketball player Dennis Rodman has been accused of robbing a yoga store.

According to The Daily Mail:

Dennis Rodman has been accused of helping to rob a yoga studio after he distracted an employee while a female accomplice shoved clothes into her bag.

CCTV footage, obtained by TMZ, also shows a man believed to be with the 57-year-old former basketball player smash a $2,500 large crystal when he drops it.

Rodman, who visited VIBES Hot Yoga Studio in Newport Beach, California, at midday on Tuesday is on probation after he was caught drink driving in January last year.

Video shows Rodman enter the store with two women and a man.

The shop has said that the group blamed the damage on the employee and refused to pay. The store instead claimed they were robbed.

 Source: American Update

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