Dog The Bounty Hunter Suffers Heart Related Emergency

Dog The Bounty Hunter Suffers Heart Related Emergency
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Reality TV star 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' has suffered a heart emergency over the weekend which may require him to have surgury. As Fox News reports:

According to a report from TMZ on Monday morning, Dog was taken to a hospital from his home in Colorado after feeling a pain in his chest.

Last month, Dog’s store in Edgewater was vandalized and some of Beth’s personal items were taken.

Beth Chapman died in June after battling cancer. A  memorial service was held for her in July in Aurora.

We have reached out to the hospital to get more information on Dog’s condition and have not heard back yet.

It seems that tough times have hit Chapman and his family hard in recent months. Hopefully he'll be able to make a full recovery in the near future.
 Source: American Update

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