Dog Walker Scares Off Rapists At Rock Concert

Dog Walker Scares Off Rapists At Rock Concert
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A dog walker in Scotland became a hero when he chased away two rapists during a Foo Fighter's Concert. As The New York Post reports:

A woman was raped at a Foo Fighters show in Scotland — and a brave dog walker eventually chased off her two attackers, according to reports.

The unidentified walker told the Daily Record how he raced over to help as the woman was attacked while the rock band played a 2½-hour set for 35,000 fans in a Glasgow park Saturday night.

“I heard a woman scream and ran to the bushes,” he told the paper.

“One man was standing by the bushes and another was inside the bushes where the woman was.”

There apparently had also been a second rape at the concert. No suspects have yet been apprehended.
 Source: American Update

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