Dramatic Video Shows Daring US Coast Guard Assault On Narco Submarine

Amazing video released by the US Coast Guard of a raid on a drug smuggling narco submarine has gone viral. As Breitbart reports:

The U.S. Coast Guard released video footage Thursday of a crewman jumping onto a moving submarine as it sped through the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

A crew member on the Coast Guard cutter, Munro, is heard shouting orders for the drug trafficking submarine to stop as they come alongside the vessel in an attempt to board it.

“It’s gonna be hard to get on,” a nearby crewman says. Moments later, another crew member in full tactical gear successfully boards the submarine and proceeds to pound his fist on the hatch. The hatch then opens, and a suspect’s arms emerge in a show of surrender.

Reports state that five more people were found inside the submarine, along with 17,000 pounds of cocaine. The street value of the illegal drug seized in this particular instance is estimated to be about $232 million.

The sailor who jumped on board the moving submarine is a genuine American hero.

 Source: American Update

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