ESPN Gives Into Communist China

ESPN Gives Into Communist China
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ESPN caused a massive outcry after it showed a map of China that included the Communist Government's extra-legal terrirotiral claims in the South China sea, which was seen as a profound act of cowardice on the network's part. As The Daily Wire reports:

ESPN’s “SportsCenter” aired an illegitimate map of China on Wednesday morning that featured Chinese propaganda claiming that the communist nation owns the disputed South China Sea, Taiwan, part of the Philippines, and Arunachal Pradesh.

The map is known as China’s “10-dash line” map which “features 10 dash lines instead of nine dash lines to mark a huge swath of the South China Sea in a tongue-shaped encirclement as Chinese territory,” GMA Network, a major national commercial broadcast television and radio network in the Philippines, reported in 2013. “Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have been contesting China’s massive claim of the territory. Nine dashes in the new Chinese map are in the South China Sea and a tenth dash has been placed near Taiwan, purportedly to signify that territory’s status as a Chinese province.”

Ankit Panda, Senior Editor of The Diplomat, noticed that the map also purportedly included Arunachal Pradesh — which is a state of India — in the map of China.


ESPN’s decision to bow to the Communist Party of China (CPC) comes as the NBA has had to deal with intense fallout from their decision to cower to the communist nation after the general manager for the Houston Rockets tweeted out a pro-Hong Kong tweet.

It's truly incredible that an American company like ESPN would be so eager to parrot Communist Chinese propaganda.
 Source: American Update

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