Facebook Censors Video of Gospel Choir For 'Political Content'

Facebook Censors Video of Gospel Choir For 'Political Content'
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Facebook blocked another group in its censorship crusade — and this time, a gospel choir fell victim.

Breitbart reports:

Social media giant Facebook recently censored a music video produced by a gospel music group, claiming that it featured “political content.”

Gospel music group Zion’s Joy! recently posted their new song “What Would Heaven Look Like,” to Facebook, boosting the video’s reach on the platform with a $100 advertising investment. But soon after the post was boosted, Facebook pulled the video not only from their advertising network, but from the platform entirely — for featuring “political content,” despite the video only referencing God and Christianity.

The video from Zion’s Joy! can be viewed in full on YouTube:

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that the company’s new political advertising policy was “new, broad and exists to prevent election interference, so we’re asking people with content that falls under those rules to simply get authorized and show who paid for the ad in order for it to run.”

 Source: American Update

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