Filmmaker Ken Burns 'Sobbed' During Making Of New Country Music Doc

Filmmaker Ken Burns 'Sobbed' During Making Of New Country Music Doc
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Legendary film maker Ken burns revealed during an interview about his new documentary on Country Music that he 'sobbed uncontrollably' during its making. As Fox News reports:

Famous filmmaker Ken Burns sat down with Fox News anchor Ed Henry on Fox Nation's "Front Row Seat" to discuss his latest documentary, "Country Music," and his motivation for embarking on an eight-year journey into the musical genre...

Country music fan or not, the documentary appeals to all Americans, Burns explained, calling it a genre that offers truth to its listeners and allows them to tap into "elemental human experience."

"We're afraid of four letters words in broadcasting but the one we're the most afraid of is l-o-v-e and we run with our tails between our legs from it so we could return to our rational worlds,"  Burns explained, "and so even with country we have to make it a joke...oh it's about the pickup truck, my dog, my girlfriend broke up with me and we mock it -- when in fact, country music is about elemental human experience," he said...

Burns admitted to "sobbing uncontrollably" while watching "Country Music" for the first time  It was a reaction, he said, which he's never had to any of his previous wildly popular documentaries.

Sounds like Burns' epic is an all-american can't miss.
 Source: American Update

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