Former 'American Idol' Contest Dies After Motorcycle Accident

Former 'American Idol' Contest Dies After Motorcycle Accident
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Former 'American Idol' contestant Haley Smith died Saturday after being involved in a motorcycle crash. As Fox News reports:

Haley Smith, a former “American Idol” contestant, died over the weekend after crashing her motorcycle in Maine.

The 26-year-old died early Saturday. Police said Smith was involved in a one-vehicle accident in Millinocket in which they suspect she failed to make a sharp turn along a residential road that junctions into a highway, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Police told the outlet Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

Smith’s father, Mike, told the site he believes a deer might have caused his daughter to wreck her bike while she was traveling on a country road. The outlet reported he implied that she was a skilled rider who wouldn't have lost control of her vehicle.

A true tragedy.
 Source: American Update

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