Former Fox News Reporter Will Testify Before Congress on Stormy Daniels

Former Fox News Reporter Will Testify Before Congress on Stormy Daniels
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A former Fox News reporter who claimed to have to bury a story about Stormy Daniels will not be called before Congress to testify.

According to The Daily Wire:

Democrats are now using their power in congress to target another one of their enemies: Fox News.

Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is now requesting a former Fox News reporter appear before his committee to testify about how the media outlet allegedly spiked her story that would damage then-candidate Donald Trump just before the election. The former reporter, Diana Falzone, was recently featured in a New Yorker story claiming she had prepared a detail report about Trump paying porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their affair, only to have the story spiked by Fox editors because it would hurt Trump.

As the Daily Wire previously reported, the former Fox News editor, Ken LaCorte, explained that the story was not as meticulously detailed as the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer made it seem, but rather a 9-paragraph story with little corroboration.

“It included: a two-word confirmation – ‘it’s true’ – from an unnamed Daniels ‘spokesperson,’ an anonymous quote from a friend who said she’d dropped off Daniels to meet Trump at a hotel, and quotes from [gossip website] The Dirty owner, who said that he had spoken to Daniels in 2011 and she had confirmed the affair,” LaCorte wrote of the incident.

Other outlets apparently had the story as well and decided not to run it, so it appears the Dems are only concerned with Fox News.

 Source: American Update

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