Former Seinfeld Star Goes Anti-Christian

Former Seinfeld Star Goes Anti-Christian
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Former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has joined the cast of a new anti-Christian television show. As Fox News reports:

Former “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander joined the cast of the Christian-mocking new comedy “Faith Based.”

The film comes from director Vincent Masciale and writer Luke Barnett, who have worked with the production company Funny or Die on several projects. The plot follows two filmmakers who set out to make a movie about Christianity and faith with nefarious intentions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alexander, who is best known for his role as George Costanza, will play Nicky Steele, “the eccentric head of a weight loss tea pyramid scheme and hero to Barnett’s character.”

The film will see Barnett and fellow Funny or Die mainstay Tanner Thomason as two misfit pals who realize the market for faith-based filmography is highly lucrative and set out on their quest to make “buckets of cash” with a movie of their own.

It's sad to see such a talented actor take such a turn for the worse.

 Source: American Update

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