Former 'SNL' Star Considering New Comedy Sketch Show

Former 'SNL' Star Considering New Comedy Sketch Show
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A former star of Saturday Night Live is considering a new comedy show that will not involve politics.

According to The Daily Wire:

There might be a new comedy sketch show in the works that won't hammer viewers with leftist talking points couched in alleged humor as we're so used to seeing from current late-night comedians.

Actor and former "Saturday Night Live" regular Rob Schneider teased such a show in a now-deleted tweet. "We are going to do a comedy sketch show which will only be about what we think is funny. There will be no liberal OR conservative bias," said the screenshot posted in the tweet, according to The Daily Caller. "There may be politics if it's really funny ... But unlike what you see now, there will be no political agenda. We will AIM at ALL SIDES Unsparingly."

In other words, the potential show will not restrain itself to merely regurgitating approved "Woke" humor.

"Are you in for this show? Please let me know!" added the message.

Would you watch a comedy show that leaves politics out of it? Let us know in the comments below.

 Source: American Update

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