Greta Van Susteren Announces a Big New Project

Greta Van Susteren Announces a Big New Project
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Former cable news anchor Greta Van Susteren is ready to jump into the app market with an apology app, according to a Facebook post she put up today.

Van Susteren says in the post she’ll be releasing her first app, “Sorry,” which she’s spent more than a year on already, to let people send apologies to one another.

“SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM are about to get some competition!” writes Susteren on the post. “You will get to ‘accept or reject’ apologies from a friend (kept private between you and your friend) or ‘accept or reject’ apologies of public figures which we ALL get to see and vote to accept or reject.”

Susteren goes on to detail certain use cases, like when Kathy Griffin publicly apologized, presumably for holding up the fake head of Donald Trump on TV.

“Was it enough? or not?” Susteren asks. “And how would [Griffin] know if her apology was accepted without the vote counter?”
 Source: Tech Crunch

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