Gronk Responds to Denting Super Bowl Trophy

Gronk Responds to Denting Super Bowl Trophy
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Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski has responded to reports that the Super Bowl trophy has been damaged.

According to Fox News:

Rob Gronkowski not only left his mark on the NFL as one of the greatest tight ends in history but it was also revealed earlier this week he left a mark on the Super Bowl trophy.

A video released by the New England Patriots from their celebration at Fenway Park on April 3 ahead of the Boston Red Sox home opener showed the behemoth athlete using the Vince Lombardi Trophy as a baseball bat. He used it to bunt a baseball and dented the trophy.

Gronkowski appeared unbothered when he tweeted his response Friday about his actions, only saying "Oopsies".


The three-time Super Bowl champion announced his retirement in March in an Instagram post.

  Some of his former teammates have said that it was his parting gift after announcing his retirement.

 Source: American Update

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