Hannity Slams Laura Ingraham

Hannity Slams Laura Ingraham
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Sean Hannity did not hold back in criticizing Laura Ingraham this week.

The Wrap reports:

Sean Hannity engaged in some joking with his colleague Laura Ingraham on Fox News Monday evening, asking her directly whether she planned to stop causing a firestorm of backlash every moment she’s on air.

“Are you going to get in trouble every week on the air?” Hannity asked. “Do you have to get in trouble every week?”

Ingraham fired right back, taking a jab at Hannity’s pink tie, jokingly saying that it was clearly evidence of his powerful sexual energy.

“Only a man that’s really filled with virility and testosterone can pull that one off Hannity,” she said. “That salmon color is looking really good.”

 Source: American Update

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