Harvey Weinstein Goes on the Attack

Harvey Weinstein Goes on the Attack
By Nick Step (Flickr: Rula Jabreal & Harvey Weinstein) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Harvey Weinstein's attorney has decided to go on the attack against one of his alleged victims as the court case progresses.

According to Fox News:

A week before a hearing that could decide the fate of the Manhattan District Attorney’s rape case against Harvey Weinstein, the primary lawyer for the much-accused producer today ferociously attacked alleged victims and prosecutors.

“Contrary to what Mr. Wilson would have us believe, the issue before this Court is one of law and not political correctness,” Ben Brafman told New York Supreme Court Justice James Burke in a letter filed Tuesday morning in response to correspondence by Assistant D.A. Kevin Wilson on December 7. Back then Deadline noted that the white gloves have come off in the lead-up to the December 20 hearing in NYC. Today it seems the pummelling has intensified.

“We also note with great respect that, as a result of our extensive investigation, we now have access to the personal email exchanges between Mr. Weinstein and many of the most vocal women who have made sexual allegations against him,” the often-acerbic attorney adds of the now disgraced producer’s The Weinstein Company digital correspondence that he fought so hard to get out of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings (read the letter here).

“For the most part, these extraordinary emails suggest, beyond question, that many of these women have lied in making their complaints against Mr. Weinstein,” Brafman drops like an atom bomb on the current proceedings that could see Weinstein behind bars for life if found guilty on all counts. “We respectfully bring this information to your Honor’s attention, as the public outcry that has been made against Mr. Weinstein cannot be allowed to overwhelm the proceedings pending in this case as so many, including the People, have urged,” it then follows, after a litany of woes about how unfairly the once sharp elbowed Weinstein has been treated in the press by the cops and the D.A.’s office.

The list of accusers against Weinstein is over 60 and investigations into the disgraced producer continue.

 Source: American Update

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