'Hooters' Calendar Girls Give Back To The Troops

'Hooters' Calendar Girls Give Back To The Troops
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'Hooters' waitresses have now donned stunning swimsuits in order to support America's service men all across the world.

As part of 'Operation Calender Drop' the company will collect and ship copies of their 2020 swimsuit calender out to US troops serving at home and abroad. 

As Fox News reports:

Hooters is encouraging customers to walk into any restaurant, where they can buy a calendar for the troops and insert a personalized message. The women will send off the special delivery in time for the holiday season.

Briana Smith, who was crowned Miss Hooters International at the 23rd Annual Hooters International Pageant at Lake Tahoe in April of this year, told Fox News the photoshoot hit close to home.

“My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer,” she explained. “She was a survivor and then she got it again, so she had her double mastectomy and she’s going through her chemo treatments. So when I got [my photos], I was in a pink swimsuit and at the bottom, it said, ‘Support breast cancer.’… I was so shocked… It was just a moment I will never forget.”

And Smith was eager to give back to our troops. In fact, she revealed her father is a proud veteran. Smith, along with the other pinups chosen this year, did just that by assembling care packages for the armed forces, which features the 2020 calendar, along with a personal note thanking our troops overseas.

 Source: American Update

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