Jeff Bezos on the Hunt for Text Message Leaker

Jeff Bezos on the Hunt for Text Message Leaker

Anti-Trump billionaire Jeff Bezos is reportedly on the hunt for the leaker of his racy text messaged between him and his mistress.

According to Fox News:

At least one inquiring mind wants to know how the National Enquirer got its hands on Jeff Bezos' racy texts to a woman who is not his wife.

The married Amazon boss is investigating how texts he sent to girlfriend, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, were leaked to the tabloid magazine, The Daily Beast reports.

Sources told the site that Bezos, 55, is personally funding a probe into the leak, using his personal security team to look into the matter. Three sources contacted by The Daily Beast familiar with the investigation claim that there was some suspicion that Bezos' phone was hacked, but that it seems unlikely after the preliminary investigation.

There is also no evidence that Sanchez, 49, was involved in the leak, leading Bezos and his team to believe the leak may have been "politically motivated," as Bezos owns The Washington Post, an outlet famously critical of President Donald Trump.

The relationship between the two is supposedly strong despite some saying it was Sanchez who facilitated the leaking of the texts.

 Source: American Update

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