Jennifer Garner Praises Women, Slams Men

Jennifer Garner Praises Women, Slams Men
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Actress Jennifer Garner is not happy with the male domination in Hollywood, and also took the time to praise the female-led projects in the entertainment capital.

According to Fox News:

Jennifer Garner is championing the ongoing push for more inclusiveness for women in Hollywood by joining the contingent of celebrities pledging to work with female directors on a feature film in the next 24 months.

The actress spoke at the 2019 MAKERS conference where she interviewed TIME’S UP CEO Lisa Borders. The topic of the 4 percent challenge, popularized by Tessa Thompson, came up and Garner admitted that she’s already inadvertently complying.

“To me, I’ve done two films and shows with women driven by women and directed by women, and I said yes. Is it challenge? I’m down, I’ve got that,” she said, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Garner starred in the 2016 movie “Miracles From Heaven” as well as the 2017 film “A Happening of Monumental Proportions, which both can boast female directors. Meanwhile, she’s starring on the HBO series “Camping,” which also has female directors at the helm.

Regardless of talent or credentials, Garner seems to think that the number of men in Hollywood should be reduced.

 Source: American Update

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