Jim Carrey Joins Forces With James Comey

Jim Carrey Joins Forces With James Comey
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Liberal actor Jim Carrey has decided to defend former FBI director James Comey by making some unique artwork in his honor. As Fox News reports:

A scathing inspector general report released Thursday said that the fired FBI Director violated bureau policies by drafting, leaking and retaining memos documenting private discussions with President Trump...

Carrey took issue with the IG report arguing that Comey’s activities were not illegal.

“This is the day they tried to make patriotism unethical,” Carrey wrote on Twitter. “Make it trend.”

The tweet came along with another original painting depicting Comey with a whistle in his mouth.

  It seems that Carrey's opinions on the criminally prone Comey are almost as bad as his pro-Comey artwork.
 Source: American Update

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