Jimmy Kimmel's Wild Theory on Why Trump Gives a Thumbs-Up So Often

Jimmy Kimmel's Wild Theory on Why Trump Gives a Thumbs-Up So Often
Jimmy Kimmel made note of one of Donald Trump’s more fascinating tics during his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue Wednesday night when he was discussing Trump’s meeting this week with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump’s propensity for giving a thumbs-up sign in photos, and how very often everyone else in the photo with him also gives a thumbs up sign.

“Speaking of nuts, President Trump is at Mar-a-Lago this week to meet-slash-golf with the prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. It was his 108th day on the golf course since taking office. But he wants to make it very clear they’re there to work. In fact, he tweeted, ‘Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan and myself this morning building an even deeper and better relationship while playing a quick round of golf at Trump International Golf Club.’ A quick round of golf and a plug for my golf course,” Kimmel joked, before taking a closer look at the picture that was attached to the tweet.

“Look at this photo. Zoom into this. I stared at this for four full minutes today. Look at these two. They’re all dressed up in their golf outfits. Trump gives that dopey thumb up that he always gives,” Kimmel said. 

“Donald Trump loves giving the thumb up in pictures, making everyone else feel like they have to do it too. And they do do it,” Kimmel said, as he began listing off a series of situations in which Trump gave a thumbs up and whoever else was in the picture also gave the thumbs up.
 Source: The Wrap

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