Judge Napolitano Defends Hunter Biden's Ukraine Connections

Judge Napolitano Defends Hunter Biden's Ukraine Connections
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Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano defended Hunter Biden's shady connections to foreign buisnesses on Tuesday during an appearance on 'Fox & Friends.' As Mediaite reports:

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano argued that while Hunter Biden’s work with foreign businesses is bad in terms of political optics, there’s nothing about it that can be called “illegal.”

Napolitano joined Fox & Friends on Tuesday to react to the son of former Vice President Joe Biden defending himself and striking back at those accusing his family of corruption. Napolitano argued that if Hunter Biden really broke the law, either President Donald Trump or Attorney General William Barr would have been able to establish a case against him already.

“If there were a there there, what we call articulable suspicion… the DOJ would be all over it,” Napolitano said.

Napolitano went on by agreeing with Steve Doocy’s assessment that Hunter Biden’s actions are a “political” problem for his father, but not a “legal” one. While Napolitano doubted that the Bidens wanted Trump and Rudy Giuliani to generate scrutiny of their actions, he maintained his position that “all of it looks bad, but none of it is criminal.”

Napolitano has drawn President Trump's ire in the past and has previously suggested that Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian President may have been criminal.
 Source: American Update

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