Julia Roberts Shadowed Prostitutes to Study for Role

Julia Roberts Shadowed Prostitutes to Study for Role

Actress Julia Roberts revealed that she hung out with prostitutes in order to prepare for her role in "Pretty Woman".

According to Fox News:

Julia Roberts prepared to play a prostitute in “Pretty Woman” by hanging out with hookers on Hollywood Boulevard, according to Barbara Marshall, widow of the movie’s director, Garry Marshall.

Barbara, a former nurse, was volunteering at a Los Angeles free clinic in 1989 when Garry cast Roberts to play a streetwalker who gets a corporate raider, played by Richard Gere, to fall in love with her.

“Garry would never visit me at the clinic, because he was a hypochondriac and afraid of getting a disease,” Barbara told me. “But he asked if Julia could come and talk to some of the patients.”


“I recruited two young women who came to the clinic regularly, and I paid them $35 each to meet with Julia,” Barbara said. “I went back to work, and about 20 minutes later, Julia yelled from the end of the hall, ‘Bye, Barbara. We’re going to take a drive. We’ll be back later.’”

The actress is also said to be one who could take care of herself on and off camera so studying this industry was something she could handle.

 Source: American Update

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