Jussie Smollett's Case Looks Like a Hoax, Still Has Major Support

Jussie Smollett's Case Looks Like a Hoax, Still Has Major Support
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Jussie Smollett made news when he claimed he was attacked by MAGA supporters. It is looking more like this is a hoax, but despite those claims by Chicago PD many prominent people are still backing the actor.

According to The Daily Wire:

Now that the alleged crime that "Empire" star Jussie Smollett claims happened to him looks more and more like a fabricated hoax, his friends and allies have begun to either backtrack on their initial support, hold their condemnations, or double-down on their defense of the actor.

According to USA Today, Smollett has at least one prominent supporter still publicly holding out hope that police will eventually exonerate him of having committed a hoax hate crime: Brett Mahoney, Executive Producer of "Empire."

"I believe and stand by @JussieSmollett," Mahoney tweeted on Sunday night. "Keep your head up."


Social justice filmmaker Ava Duvernay:

"Despite the inconsistencies, I can’t blindly believe Chicago PD," she tweeted. "The department that covered up shooting Laquan McDonald over a dozen times? That operated an off-site torture facility? That one? I’ll wait. Whatever the outcome, this won’t stop me from believing others. It can’t."

She went on to clarify that Smollett may have lied but that she never believes police in general.

 Source: American Update

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