Justin Bieber Tells Radical Group PETA To 'Suck It'

Justin Bieber Tells Radical Group PETA To 'Suck It'
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Pop superstar Justin Bieber told  the extreme animal rights group PETA to 'suck it' after they criticized his purchase of two  expensive exotic cats. As Fox News reports:

“Baby, baby, baby, nooooooo,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange about Justin Bieber spending $35,000 on two part-exotic kittens, Sushi and Tuna.

The singer, 25, reportedly spent $20,000 on one kitten (Sushi) and $15,000 on the other (Tuna).


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Having learned this, PETA expressed their disappointment to People...

Bieber took his anger to Instagram, saying "PETA can suck it" on his Instagram story of a screenshot of People's article about PETA's opinion on Bieber's cats.

Looks like this 'cat fight' might continue, so long as the radical group continues with its insane demands.
 Source: American Update

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