Kaepernick's Victim Seeks New Talent

 Kaepernick's Victim Seeks New Talent
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Travis Scott is a raper that will now join Maroon 5 for the super bowl halftime show. Will he save the NFL from their failed rating after Colin Kaepernick brought the sport to its knees when he took that infamous knee in protest of the police? It is uncertain at this point but Travis Scott is a pretty big rapper and is sure to make some waves that are sure to shake the scene. Liberals were boycotting the show beforehand led by the completely competent, not insane Amy Schumer. As Page Six Reports:

Travis Scott will join the “One More Night” group for the big show in Atlanta on Feb. 3, TMZ reports.

It’s a big get for Maroon 5, too, as few artists have had a bigger year than Scott. Kylie Jenner‘s other half, 26, has dominated the charts since his third studio album, “Astroworld,” was released in August.

Just last week it was reported that the Adam Levine-fronted band was struggling to find someone to join them for their Super Bowl LIII halftime show performance, in part because of the NFL’s continued stance against players’ right to protest.

 Source: American Update

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