Kanye Begins 2019 With Pro-Trump Tweets

Kanye Begins 2019 With Pro-Trump Tweets

Kanye West began 2019 with a series of pro-Trump tweets that set the internet on fire. Kanye has been quiet recently about politics, but that looks to have changed.


According to The Daily Wire:

Rapper Kanye West rang in 2019 on Monday by writing pro-Trump sentiments on Twitter which resulted in him being on the receiving end of vicious attacks, many of which used racial slurs.

"Trump all day," West tweeted, adding: "Just so in 2019 you know where I stand."


Last time West publicly came out in support of the president he was viciously attacked by CNN. The far-left network suggested that he was mentally ill, used racial slurs to attack him, used his wife's former lovers to attack him and used his deceased mother to attack him...

The left jumped in immediately to condemn West's statements and the right jumped in to defend. It remains unclear if this is a publicity stunt or this is something Kanye still feels passionately about.

 Source: American Update

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